Tradition and Flavors Hold Strong at Local Baskin-Robbins

Baskin Robbins

If you visited the Brentwood Baskin -Robbins on the 31st, you may have felt as if you just walked into a party.

Decorated with bright colors and balloon, the Brentwood Baskin -Robbins celebrated the $1.31 scoop special Wednesday.

Opening 40 years ago, the Franklin Road Baskin -Robbins has been serving generations in more ways than one.

“It was really because of my daughter who received her first part-time job here at this  location. I had taken time off from being an accountant and decided to become a franchise owner. Now myself and my four children work here. Actually, one of my daughter’s just had a baby so she is taking a short break but soon she will be back and now we have a future scooper to join the business,” said owner, Tooster.

Remodeling the location just after the purchase, has changed why people keep coming back for more ice cream.

“It’s a family tradition. So many days, I have people come in and tell me how they used to come in and buy ice cream when they were younger or how their parents used to bring them in and now they bring their children to the same place.”

While Baskin-Robbins holds on to their tradition of offering 31 flavors each month, a new tradition has begun in the Nashville market. The Sundae Shake is a new menu item. It’s the combination of their most popular drink on the menu–the shake– with another popular treat–the sundae.

The new line-up of Sundae Shakes includes three options: Cookie Dough n’ Oreo Sundae Shake, Reese’s n’ Chocolate Sundae Shake and Chocolate Chip n’ Strawberry Sundae Shake.

“These menu items are simply to give customers an option but these Sundae Shakes are completely customizable,” said Benjamin Stanley Innovative R&D Manager for Baskin- Robbins.

You have the option to choose the ice cream flavor for your shake, choose another flavor of ice cream for your sundae along with your selection of toppings which ranges from hot fudge, whip cream, sprinkles and more.

And why would Baskin -Robbins chose to test market this new product in Nashville?

“Honestly, Nashville is a great market for us. We have over 23 franchise locations in this area. It is also very representative of our customer base so if this works out well  here, it will work out well overall,” said Stanley.

This new menu item will only be available for a limited time and the possibilities for your creation are limitless. Each month, Baskin- Robbins adds a new flavor to its menu. Follow Baskin Robbins on Facebook for the latest updates.

See the map below for the Williamson County locations of Baskin-Robbins. Tell us what you think about the new Sundae Shake menu item. Do you think it should stay on the menu?

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