Tractor Talk: L60 Series

Overview of the L60 Series:

With a spacious ergonomically designed cab, and a wide range of versatile features to make jobs easier, the Grand L60 Series combines luxury with outstanding productivity never before seen in its class.

3 Highlights of the L60 Series:

Air Conditioning With Internal Recirculation and External Air Ventilation

Kubota L60 TractorThe cab’s deluxe air conditioner/heater can increase cooling, heating and air ventilation for greater climate control. You can switch between internal recirculation and external air ventilation: cool your cab quickly and thoroughly with the internal recirculation mode, and the air in the cab will stay fresh. The dual-level AC system, with a 7° –14°F temperature differential, directs cooler air to the operator’s upper body while sending warmer air toward the feet. And interior design offers more headroom.


Kubota L60 TractorStay up to date on the status of your Grand L60 tractor at all times with the new IntelliPanelTM. Combining an analog tachometer, temperature gauge and fuel gauge, a large-screen dot matrix digital panel, and upper and lower indicators, the IntelliPanelTM keeps you informed on the tractor’s status including maintenance at a single glance.

Throttle-Up Switch

Kubota L60 TractorKubota’s new Throttle-Up Switch located on the loader lever gives you the power you need with just one push to get jobs done quicker and easier. Speed adjustments can be made according to your preference from the IntelliPanel. It allows you to easily set the engine
speed needed for loader work without having to use a hand throttle even while operating the lever. As engine speeds can be raised only when required, the Throttle-Up Switch enhances fuel efficiency, and keeps the engine noise down when not in use.

Other Features:

  • Spacious Cab
  • One-Piece Hood
  • Deluxe Suspension Seat
  • Tilt Steering Wheel
  • Easy Power Supply Access
  • 3-Point Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Two-Tiered Headlights

See the brochure for the L60 Series here.

Where You Can Find It:

You can find the L60 Series at Franklin & Columbia Kubota.

Franklin Kubota is located at 1561 Columbia Ave, Franklin, TN 37064  and Columbia Kubota is located at 1120 Riverside Dr, Columbia, TN 38401.