Tough Mudder Event Tests Teamwork and Strength

The worldwide mud-running event, Tough Mudder, is coming to Spring Hill June 7 & 8 to challenge the Nashville area’s endurance and camaraderie with a 10-12 mile obstacle course of mud, ropes, walls, water and fire.

This worldwide event features courses designed by the British Special Forces to make teams work together to pull through to the end. Runners are not timed, and the only prizes given are an orange headband and a pint of beer for completion since the mission of Tough Mudder is to test the abilities of working together for a common goal instead of being caught up in how fast they can run the course.

The course is an extreme test of strength and willpower, being dubbed by organizers “probably the toughest event on the planet.” Obstacles resemble those you might see on Ninja Warrior, but modified to make sure participants need the help of team members to overcome them.

According to the Tough Mudder website, only 78 percent of participants finish the course on average. Much training and preparation must go into fulfilling the desire to finish a Tough Mudder course. To find pointers for the best way to train according to your level of fitness, visit the Tough Mudder Bootcamp at

Nashville Tough Mudder will be located at Harvest Point (3384 Petty Ln at Cleburne Rd) in Spring Hill. To register and find more information on the event follow this link

Since the Tough Mudder began in 2010, there have been over 100 events worldwide with thousands of participants per event.

Support from the proceeds of the event goes to the Wounded Warrior Project, a veteran service organization providing services to veterans injured after the events of 9/11. Tough Mudder has raised over $6 million for the Wounded Warrior Project to date.