A-Game Owner’s Daughter Speaks Out

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6. Closure of A-Game

A-Game, a sports complex in Cool Springs, closed suddenly in early February of this year, upsetting many in the community, including the dozens of athletes who used the facility. There were lots of questions and lots of legal issues that followed, but one of our most read stories regarding the closing of A-Game was a social media post by Alyssa Ivey, daughter of previous A-Game owner Gary Ivey.

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Alyssa Ivey’s Facebook post:

I am crying as I write this post because I wish people could know the truth. Unlike the tenants, the owners of Agame and I being one of their daughters have waited to make a post or statement about the whole ordeal because we have tried our best to handle the situation with fairness. Through all of this the owners have chosen not to interview with reporters and to not tell lies about the situation therefore it’s a one sided story.

For all of you that have been making naive postings about how your children’s life has been taken away due to the “owners inflating their bank accounts, or not making enough to profit”… No that’s not at all how this went down. Who do you think had the vision, the love, the desire to start this company 15 years ago on our kitchen table designing a layout to give all of the community and your children the opportunity to play sports and have entertainment at the best facility in the world, my dad did.

He waited years and never gave up until he found enough money to start this for you all. He put his entire life on hold for Agame. Trying to improve it every day. Every day I came home for years and years he was planning something new for Agame or simply going to work the front desk for tournaments because he wanted to. You think he would give up that easy if he just wasn’t making “enough”, definitely not, if you know the facts we actually have NEVER made a profit in 8 years, and we lose 72,000 dollars a month. Is that selfish at all?

But he isn’t the only owner that did this, and those owners have families too. What would you do if your business was losing thousands and thousands of dollars every year and putting your families future at risk and taking all of your happiness away. Well surprisingly no the owners didn’t just wake up and say hey let’s sell this company and inflate our bank accounts. They tried for months and months going to the county, the state, different buyers, anyone who would take the challenge at keeping this a sportsplex for YOU. But after the state said no its losing money, the county said no it losing money, and no buyer could take on that challenge yes, they decided to try and sell it because that was the only option that made sense.

It’s sad to me because you all act like your life is over, and these owners are monsters, but little do you know how this has strained our family, how Christmas this year was filled with silence, and how many lifelong friends have turned their back on my family. It has hit us HARD. And guess what, I guarantee you my dad and I have spent more hours in Agame than any of you, that place was actually our 2nd home, I was there the day we started construction to make this community a better place. I got in fights with my dad begging him not to sell but then I learned of the situation and had to accept it was best.

Some good things eventually have to come to end. I know that all the ignorant posts from people obviously don’t know my dad, because if you did you wouldn’t make those assumptions and post and send hateful things that hurt. He amazes me every day as do all the owners with the amount of respect they give others. My father has never missed a game since I was 5 years old, and I just finished my last collegiate volleyball game for Auburn and have played every sport in the book. He is the most loving, dedicated, understanding, intelligent, compassionate father, husband and owner you could imagine. He has always taught me to be kind in every situation. So please know the facts before you post thinking solely of yourself.

Because yes, this HAD to happen, yes the court ruled Agame needed to shut down, yes the owners gave employees a notice, yes we tried everything to keep it a sportsplex, yes we did everything for this community that was possible. Without these dedicated owners the facility would have shut down years ago. I love you so much dad and continue to keep your head up!!! You did an amazing thing for this community, they were spoiled by you and the other owners hard work, and thankfully Nashville is blessed enough to be able to move on from this once they finally can see the big picture.

If your kids love sports as much as you post about then you will find a way to love that sport without Agame. I miss you and wish I could be there with you through hard time this Daddio. Thank you for all you have done for me. I will always strive to have your patience, your kind heart, and your ability to view every situation in the most positive light, you are my hero. A-Game Sportsplex. Share to support the amazing time and experiences we had with this facility and the love and hard work put into it. Out with the negativity.

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