Top 5 Places to Fly a Kite in Williamson County

As the chill of winter gives way to spring, strong winds make kite flying a great activity for this time of year. There are plenty of places in Williamson County suitable to fly a kite, but here are some that were recommended by the county and cities park professionals:

  1. The Spring Hill Civil War Battlefield located off Kedron Rd. is frequently visited for many outdoor activities and wide open spaces make this location a great place to fly a kite.  6117430773_7c91e24e61
  2. Grassland Park is located in Franklin and is recommended by Williamson County Parks and Recreation as a good place to fly a kit in Franklin.
  3. Brentwood’s newest park, Marcella-Vivrette Smith Park, has plenty of kite-friendly space in the 400 acres that make up the park.
    Smith Park
  4. For residents of Fairview, the open spaces by the football fields at the Fairview Recreation Complex are approved for kite flying.
    fairview recreation complex
  5. And last but not least, Nolensville Park just off Nolensville Rd does have some trees but still has a good amount of open space suitable to fly a kite.
    nolensville park

“Spring is a perfect time to enjoy being outdoors, and our parks offer plenty of open spaces for flying kites. Many of our outdoor spaces also include other amenities like picnic tables, pavilions, playgrounds and walking trails for families to enjoy,” said Debbie Sims, Public Information Assistant for Williamson County Parks and Recreation.