Today’s Top 5 Stories: January 24, 2023

Here’s a look at the top stories from January 24, 2023.

photo by Donna Vissman

FirstBank Amphitheater is an outdoor venue in Franklin, TN located at Graystone Quarry. It opened in 2021 with performances that are held from May until October. Read more.


If you’re looking for a luxury home for sale in Governor’s Club, 15 Torrey Pines Way is a must-see. This home was built in 2015 but has undergone stunning renovations to keep it in line with newer homes. Read more.

What’s in your crawlspace stays in your crawlspace, right? No, and in fact, crawlspaces are the primary source of air quality issues in a home. Read more.

Photo from Step Forward Day School website

When long-time friends Tina Locke and Janet Chapman opened Step Forward Day School in 2003, they were both newly single mothers who needed a way to support their children, and someplace safe for their kids to be when they were at work. Read more.

Pancake Pantry
photo courtesy of Pancake Pantry

Pancake Pantry presented a donation to The Predators Foundation. Read more.


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