By: Clark Shelton

Before we look at tonight’s game against the Bungles, let’s take a look at last week’s “nailbiter” loss to the Redskins 22-21. Here’s the Clint Eastwood re-cap:

The Good:

Folks this is a no-brainer. It was the offensive line, running back and linebacker. CJ2K is baaaack! We talked about it last week and CJ did nothing but impress on his second run where he scampered and juked his way 58 yards for the TD. Enter newcomer Shonn Greene: 5 rushes, 32 yards and a bruising TD. And then the last head of the 3-headed snake: Jackie Battle, 2 receptions and 23 yards. This is as deep and lethal a RB corp we have seen on the Titans roster in awhile. Still think Darius Reynaud is fighting for a spot?

O-Line in run blocking was pretty amazing. O-line in pass blocking was hard to figure out. Was it poor pass blocking or inability by Jake to make a decision? Stewart, Roos, Levitre, and Warmack were beasts. More importantly, the back-ups played well also.

Linebackers were on fire. Fokou and Zach Brown put on a show. McCarthy’s return will really solidify this group.

The Bad:

Cornerback and Defensive Line: Not as much pressure as I would like to see on the QB by DL, run stop was even worse. The secondary , especially CB position, was at best a “C” rating in my opinion.  Joe Dubin of 102.5 The Game tweeted during the game: “ 8 AugTommie Campbell couldnt cover my dinner table if I gave him a blanket….get him out of there”. ‘Nuff said.

 The Ugly:

Oh, it was bad. It was bad when we were at practice the Monday before, it was bad during the game, it was real bad this past week. Jake Locker must step up his game. Rusty Smith made better decisions. I will leave this where it is, except to predict if Locker looks bad against the Bungles then Fitz will get the start at home against the Falcons.

Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting:

Tonight’s game will make or break many a player. Cuts will be coming fast after this weekend, and starting positions will be solidified. Here’s a few things to watch:

Jake Locker: will he step up or step down? * WR battle, so many players, so little time* Can DL stop the run? All that beef and no meat in last week’s game. * Will running game impress again? * Will secondary , especially CB , figure out pass defense? * Rob Bironas has been practicing this week, but rookie, Bonani, looked real good last week and the competition is on.

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