Mary Morris, a third grade teacher in Strawberry Plains, Tenn, put her own spin on Adele’s uber popular song “Hello”. Her version is a plea to Mother Nature for snow so she and her students can enjoy a day off. This clever parody will easily become a favorite.



  1. OMG she’s just as good if not better then Adele. The lyrics were truth and I’m not even a teacher. I always say, If it’s going to be this cold then it just needs to snow. This will go viral. She rocked it.

  2. While I get the humor and she has an outstanding voice, teachers have it made. 2-1/2 months off during summer, another 2-3 weeks at Christmas, every government holiday, spring and fall breaks, AND….you get off for snow. All the while complaining you aren’t paid enough…. Sounds like the perfect job to me.

      • They do not get paid for that time. During my 40 career as a teacher, I clocked more hours per year than my 40 hour a week husband. How dare anyone say we get that time off. If you had to attend as many school functions, professional development sessions, conferences,etc., you might speak a little differently. I loved my job, but that did not change the hours required to do the job.

      • if they elect too they can get paid over the summer months but they still only get paid their agreed upon salary based on 9 months..

      • No, they don’t! And they don’t work 40 hour weeks, either. I was an educator and rarely left school before 5 o’clock, worked on lesson plans, graded papers, took calls from parents, etc. at night and weekends–very little time of my own.

    • Thanks for trolling and judgement on this profession. We’re used to it, which is why so many teachers appreciate the video, beside the great talent. Quit your job and try it for a year – the pressure doesn’t equal the time off.

      • The pressures are unreal and its only getting worse with state testing and accountability. People outside this profession have no clue what a day off can do for a teacher!!

      • A year? He needs to try teaching 25 third-graders for a day. That’ll do the trick. This kind of attitude is one of the biggest reasons we’re having such sickening problems within the classroom. This disrespect trickles down. Teaching is very hard and very crucial for the success of our nation. I made 16K my first year teaching, so wishing for a snow day doesn’t really seem that unreasonable every now and then. People can be so idiotic.

    • You may really want to check your facts on teacher’s, their pay, and their time of buddy. You happen to be just another clueless non-teacher with an opinion based on non-truths and false “facts.” You are more than welcome to come spend a few days in my classroom any day….but hurry and pick your days, cause we teachers don’t work much so your options are slim pickins!

      • Right on… He has no clue at all! All the teachers at our school, including myself, were totally exhausted by the time the holidays came and desperately needed the two weeks off in order to renew themselves and make it through what’s left. I’d also love for him to come spend a day doing my ESE job and working my 10 – 12 hour day…he wouldn’t be saying a word then. People that assume things without really even knowing are real idiots.

    • Yes, we get “off” summers, but that’s just a break from students. When I’m “off” I have to do professional development, plus meetings and then planning for the upcoming year. Sounds like I’m not “off”. Plus I don’t get paid during those months.

    • Then get your teaching degree and join us. It may take you twenty years to pay back your student loans but, we would love to have you. Oh and don’t forget you are going to need money to buy supplies for your classroom and kids. Then there is your clothes because you have to dress like a professional. There is no such thing as overtime. Teachers have it made, come on walk in our shoes. Then see if you write the same stupid thing you just wrote. I am not a betting person but, I would put good money you wouldn’t make it a year. You only need 30 years to get your retirement and that is about 1500 a month that is before they take out for your insurance. We have it made come and join us. Teaching is a calling from God, I have been in 27 years and God has blessed me . Sometimes things are not always what they seem and nobody can imagine the pressure that is on teachers today. We have wonderful young people quitting right and left because it is too much. So, Johnny come and join us why not, as you said we have it made,

      • Perfect reply, Tena!!! In our area, new teachers are quitting faster than newer ones coming on. I am a teacher and there’s more and more added to our jobs constantly. It’s also my daughter’s first year teaching and she already wants to quit. Everyone’s afraid that with more teachers quitting than starting, soon there won’t be enough teachers at all. That’s o.k…..Maybe, people like Johnny and many others will be forced to home-school all their children because there won’t be enough teachers out there to handle the student population. At that time, he will appreciate all a teacher does on a very small salary.

    • Wow. How said is your opinion. Go out and make a new friend. Make it be a teacher. Then re-evaluate your thoughts.

    • I’ve taught in the past but now work as a stock room manager (better pay…worse hours worse bennies). In order to have those days ‘off’ you have to be full prepped and ready for anything the days you are at work… that requires multiple hours upon hours of making sure you have run offs, materials, projects, lesson plans, manipulatives and extra lesson in case you have extra time on hand from the one you planned.
      Do we get paid for summer months… yes and no. Contracts are based on 9 months of salary. You can elect to have your pay check spread out from Sept- Sept. During summer you usually work another job, or teach summer school or tutor (I tutored reading all year round). You might be lucky to have a husband who pulls in a good salary allowing you to have the summer “off” but also during those 2.5 months, you take a class or two to stay currant, you may have to go in to school for a meeting etc …. its all relative. If you are jealous of teachers… don’t be, LOTS of paperwork, red tape, added on required course work for your license etc. Its no picnic.. why do you think I’m enjoying counting airplane parts???

    • You are funny. Not worthy of a response other than you can thank a teacher for being able to read these comments and write one of your own.

    • Johnny you definitely fit the saying ” you can educate ignorance but you can’t fix stupid”! I’m sure you were the student teachers dreaded to see come in the building.

    • I’m pretty sure they don’t get paid enough for the job they have to do when people send their disrespectful, disobedient children to them for eight hours a day. Yeah, they sure do have it made.

    • Try it! Or just go monitor a classroom for a week. I promise you will have a new appreciation for teachers. High income or poverty level school. Doesn’t matter.

    • I’m sorry but that’s just not true anymore. A teacher just doesn’t walk into a classroom and start teaching. Every moment, of everyday, is planned. When do you think they do most of that planning? During school days? Pretty much no. It happens on those breaks. So, to say a teacher does not work in summer, or Christmas break, is simply ignorant.

    • Johnny,
      I love teaching! It is right up there with parenting. I describe both as the hardest most rewarding jobs you can have. I challenge you to stop belittling and volunteer at your local public school! I don’t think you can even begin to grasp the profession until you have more direct experience. Warning, when you pour your heart, soul and creativity into the lives of children, you will feel as if you have jet lag but filled with joy:)

    • Takes 10 hours a day 6 days a week. I loved my teaching job. But the time spent with kids is only half the job. Preparation, grading papers, attending workshops and summer school, etc. are the other parts of the job. But, given the chance, I would do it all over again.

    • I think they are over worked and under paid. They also have to pick up the slack where parents don’t do their job at home. I work for the school system, yes we do get summers off, and a Christmas break. That lets all the teachers to get a second wind for what is coming up next. I appreciate all teachers and the wonderful work they do. Now parents, do your job at home and make it easier on everyone. God Bless Teachers!!!

  3. Great voice & cute video! My home town is Jefferson City, TN, which is close to Strawberry Plains, TN, but I now live in Stuarts Draft, VA.
    Have a great break teachers & the ice cream scene looks so familiar!

  4. Wow! She can sing so lovely and what a great video. I bet the kids love her as a cool teacher. Hope she makes more videos. She should get a carrier in music. Proud to be from TN myself and great singers are from here.

  5. Only in TN., could you find a teacher with so much talent . . . Beautiful voice, great acting. Wow! #musiccity

  6. Awesome. She expressed exactly how many educators feel during this time of the year. I am a school counselor in N.C. and I am enjoying our ice/snow break today. Beautiful video.

  7. This is So FINE ! Beautifully done…and the thoughts…know them well after being in the classroom for 37 years. …never enough snow days !!!

  8. Living in upstate NY, (you know, near Canada, not near Albany) you’d think we’d have lots of snow days, but we don’t. I loved this song, the teacher’s creativity, and the sentiment behind the plea. Absolutely loved the ending.

  9. What a wonderful video!! I’m not a teacher but I feel their pain!! I’ve done presentations at multiple schools and when it’s an all day thing, I’m so tired when I get home…. I couldn’t do their job if I tried not every day… And besides that they aren’t paid what their worth… These people are educating our children and they make a paltry little salary…. So do they deserve snow days??? Hell yeah!!!

  10. Pure genius. Great voice and video. I was laughing so hard as only an employee of the New York City Dept. of Education can relate.

  11. This woman is fabulous!!! I can only imagine how creative and fun she is as a teacher. Lucky students and parents!! Make another one!!!

  12. We need A Teacher’s got Talent ” contest…. Of course the Dept of Ed would not pay for it…. Maybe all the teachers can Donate their extra $$$. Maybe America’s got Talent can host a special contest for teacher talent. The winners would have a chance for a better retirement.

  13. @Johnny
    This is my 16th year teaching in small rural schools in TN. We get paid based on a 9 month contract. I have had a masters degree since 2007 and make exactly $40,000. As it stands right now, I will probably never make any more than that because the state has me topped out and my district cannot pay any more than that. I pay more out of my pocket for necessities for my classroom because our district cannot afford them. I am at work at 7:15 every morning and leave about 4:30-5:00 every afternoon because I sponsor a club after school, in which I do NOT get paid for. I then come home to grade papers and plan for the next day. You may ask about my planning time. Well, I get 30 minutes a day. This is not enough time to plan for math, LA, 2 RTI classes, and attend IEP meetings. I work a second job during the summer to help make ends meet, as well as, pay for MANDATORY training and college courses by the state to keep up my license. My husband is also a teacher and he also works a second job during the summer. He drives a school bus before and after school on top of all of the “easy” job that you think we have. The stakes are higher than ever now. Our jobs are not about teaching any more. It is about testing. We are not there for the breaks or the money. We are there because we love children and our careers. It’s because we love YOUR children, if you have them, and their future. Please do your homework before making a bold statement like that. So, yes, we do get excited about a snow day and I’m I feel it is well deserved.

  14. I am obsessed with this video. It is hilarious and Mary Morris has a beautiful voice. Great job! She must be an awesome teacher. I think she should audition for The Voice.

  15. Wow, what a beautiful voice, and funny video too! Thank you Andrea, and all the other teachers too, who educate our country’s youth. There is no doubt in my mind that our teachers are grossly underpaid, and to read some of these comment, under appreciated by some. On a side note, if I had that voice, I’d be knocking on some doors in Nashville!!

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