What to join a fitness club with a punch?   Title Boxing is a unique combination of boxing and kickboxing designed to help lose weight and increase energy. Their “Power Hour” classes are explosive workouts that can burn up to ONE THOUSAND calories in an HOUR! How’s THAT for a workout that packs a punch?

Title Boxing Club is a franchise corporation with convenient locations all across the nation. The new location is located off McEwen Drive in Franklin, down from Brixx Wood Fired Pizza and within the Whole Foods shopping center.

We sat down with James Fuertes, franchise owner and operator to find out more about Title Boxing Club.

WS:  Tell us why you decided to open Title Boxing Club?

James: Well I was first a member of a Title Boxing Club in Columbus Ohio. After my first workout I fell in love with the idea that members could come and burn calories while hitting a heavy bag in a group environment. When I moved to Nashville a couple of years ago I found a few great friends (Diane Finley, Eddie Finley, Sheeva Rouhani-fard, Kyle Rouhani-fard) and all of us decided to purchase the franchise together.

WS:  What will students experience in one of your workouts?

James: Patrons can expect a full body workout that involves cardio, heavy bag combos and abdominal/core work. The class is in a group setting but it’s really an individual workout – you have your own heavy bag and can push yourself at your own pace. There is however a group instructor that keeps the class dynamic and with a variety of instructors teaching classes, members can expect a different workout almost every time.

WS:  Is this your first fitness endeavor?

James: No – I’ve been doing personal training for the last couple of years. Focusing on weightlifting, dieting routines as well as offering clients a chance to learn boxing.

Thanks to James Fuertes for taking time out during their busy opening schedule to share more about Title Boxing Club.  For more information about classes and special offers, visit their Facebook page here.

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