Tips on Entertaining Around the Pool

entertaining around the pool

Swimming and being in the sun are two of the most popular things to do during the summer. Just as popular are the summer pool parties. For people that have pools, throwing a pool party can be stressful. Here’s some tips that can keep it laid back and fun for everyone.

pool partyThrowing the perfect pool party starts with decorating and keeping up with the area in and around the pool. Before throwing a pool party, make sure your pool water is properly balanced and the area around the pool has everything in order. Many companies will come out before the season to inspect the pool area and make sure all pool equipment is functioning properly, check the pool and surrounding areas for loose or uneven surfaces that may trip up little or big feet. Clearwater Pools offers spring openings as well as weekly cleaning, repairs, remodels, free water testing in the retail store and fall closings. Heather Crawford, co-owner of Clearwater Pools with her husband, says “We can clean your pool for you weekly so that all you have to do is swim and enjoy!”

Other things to keep in mind is make sure there is plenty of shade. You can decorate with umbrellas and have chairs and lounges around them for those who prefer to relax around the pool. Also, having tables around these areas so guests can place food and drink on them will help you and them with cleanup. If entertaining at night, make sure there is plenty of light. Clearwater Pools in Brentwood has LED light accessories that are great for brightening up the pool area from drink coolers to floating pool lights to other area lighting. She says “With the ability to choose from 16 different colors, these accessories fit any party and brighten up the spaces with unique lighting options both in and around the pool.” Also, hanging bright paper lights makes it look festive and fun. Citronella candles on tables and tiki torches with citronella are decorative and useful for keeping the bugs at bay. In addition, you might like to have some bug spray on hand as well.

plastic mason jarsPerhaps the most important thing to have when entertaining is food and drinks for your guests. Grilling out keeps with the fun, casual environment of a pool party. Keep squeezable condiments for the food and have snacks that won’t spoil in the sun. Chips and salsa, crackers, fruits, and veggies all keep well. For summer parties, watermelon is almost a must and a guaranteed hit. Most people are also big fans of kabobs and fruit and veggie skewers. For a fun dessert, have stuff available for homemade ice cream sandwiches. Drinks are also highly important as keeping hydrated is always important while being in the sun. Keep a cooler with plenty of water, soda, teas, juice boxes, lemonade and other grab-able drinks. Serve food and drinks with recyclable plastic as these help the environment and keep your pool party safe from glass fragments. Heather Crawford says “Glass can be dangerous for your guests and time-consuming and expensive to clean up from the pool as well. Sticking with cute acrylic or recyclable plastic is by far safer for you and your guests.”

Activities keep your guests occupied and happy. Low-key games can be made easily with having a few simple items on hand such as floaties, noodles, beach balls, and diving sticks. Kids especially will create their own multitude of games from these items that will keep them busy all day. Don’t forget to set the mood by playing music that is appropriate and fun for everyone. As a final tip, make sure there is always adults supervising the children in the swimming pool, and most of all have fun!