Safety Tips for Sledding

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Sledding is a snow day past time, and since the roads are too treacherous to seek out some of the coveted spots to sled, here are safety tips for sledding in your neighborhood.

Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt offers these tips while sledding.

  • Choosing an environment suitable for sledding is essential for everyone’s safety. Public streets, no matter how clear of motor vehicles, are not ideal for sledding. In addition, parks or hills with obstacles such as trees, rocks, and fence posts are not the clearest fields for this activity.
  • Pick a location clear of pedestrians, vehicles, and other hazards in the sledding path. Be sure the end of the path is also clear. The sledding run must not end in a street, drop off, parking lot, or pond. Look for a flat clearing that will giving the sled time and space to slow to a stop.
  • Evening sledding should only be done in well-lit areas.
  • Before going sledding, be sure that kids are prepared with the right gear and some education. Children should wear helmets to protect them from deadly or debilitating injuries.
  • Always sled with an adult present.
  • Always sled facing forward, feet first rather than head first.
  • Remaining aware of the amount of sledding traffic can prevent collisions. Communicate with your kids as they go down the hill should an obstacle arise. Remind them to take turns.

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