Tiny Little Donuts Opens in Grassland

Tiny Little Donuts

While driving down Hillsboro Road in the Grassland area, you may notice a renovated airstream attracting a lot of attention. The airstream is home to Tiny Little Donuts, which officially opened for business Monday.

Sunday, they held a soft opening where they gave away donuts to the community and received such an overwhelming response they were completely out of donuts in three hours.

Owners Mark and Tammy Mogul found themselves on a road trip with a stop in Franklin and like most who come to visit, the couple couldn’t wait to actually move here and start a business.

The former tennis player and nutrition coach say everything in moderation which is the idea behind the “tiny” bitesize donuts. There are three flavors available- plain, glazed and cinnamon sugar. Currently, they will be open weekdays at 6:30a am until they sell out (except Thursdays) and weekends they open at 6 am. Hours are subject to change.

You can purchase a small box which contains approximately 14 donuts or a large box which has over 20 donuts for $6 and $9. For those looking to feed a large crowd, you can order a box of 100 donuts. You can also purchase a cup of Frothy Monkey brewed coffee to accompany your donuts.

Below see where we stopped by to talk with the owner Mark Mogul to learn more about Tiny Little Donuts. Be sure to follow them on Instagram for the latest updates. Tiny Little Donuts is located at 1100 Battlewood Street, Franklin.

See our photos of Tiny Little Donuts.