Have you decorated for Halloween yet?  Are your kids asking when you will be purchasing your pumpkins for carving?  If you are like most families the months from August to December are a complete blur with a few holidays thrown in for good measure.  And while you are standing in that grocery line buying that one thing that was forgotten for the latest school project, you see all of those magazine covers that just make decorating  for the Holidays  seem a little overwhelming.

So, we sat down with Jason Parker Counce, exhibitor at the Folk & Folly portion of the City Farmhouse Pop-up Show, to give us some doable, fail proof ways to decorate this fall.

WS: We are all overwhelmed with our overbooked schedules, what are some ways to decorate this Halloween?

Counce: When thinking about decorating for Fall and Halloween Make It Simple; Not Scary!

A simple as taking a glass vase you already have put a bag of candy corn in the bottom, add a candle and instant décor! For Thanksgiving I like to do the same thing, except using dried beans or corn kernels for a entrance glow or table centerpiece too.

With so many Farmers Markets and Pop Up Shows; Get the kids involved…Make it a scavenger hunt! Who can find a white pumpkin, golden gourd or cornstalks? Then get everyone involved in decorating the front porch or table centerpiece with all your sought out treasures. Even looking in the yard or local park can find sticks, pine cones or acorns to add to the festive look now throughout the Fall to Holiday Seasons!


WS: Other than the traditional carving, what are other ways we can decorate our pumpkins?

Counce: Everyone likes to be hands on when pumpkins are involved; Picking the Shape, Color or Stem makes you happy. A great trend right now is painting pumpkins with chalkboard paint. Black paint is a basic you can pick up at any hardware store, paint the base of the pumpkin(Fresh or Faux) Let dry overnight. Then you or the kids can write with chalk decorative designs or faces.




WS:  What are some easy ways to transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving?

Counce: Transitioning from Halloween to Thanksgiving can be as easy as eating all that extra candy! I can’t Remedy the carved faced pumpkin that gives a glow on your Porch on October 31st; Other than make a pumpkin pie! All the acquired Pumpkins, Squash, Gourds and Cornstalks can Be used throughout the season. Maybe just change the ribbon on the front door wreath or place these recycled veggies in a Cornucopia and explain about the pilgrims and the feast that is Thanksgiving to Come!

Coucne gave us an added activity for the kids that will keep them involved for the upcoming holidays. For every season one thing to get the kids involved in make goody bags.  Just get Orange colored bags at the craft store and let there imagination go, draw or paint pumpkin faces and fill with Dollar Store trinkets or healthy treats. Same idea for Thanksgiving, use those extra brown lunch bags and play by drawing your version of a Turkey or fall design. Don’t get me started about Christmas, this is Endless…White bags filled with fun make instant snowmen with hat and scarf! I like having these in a basket by my front door; so everyone that stops by can get a special present to take with them to their  home. This  gets everyone involved and also can make it personal by writing an inspirational quote or thoughtful note to place inside each bag!

Thanks Jason!  For more information about the upcoming City Farmhouse Pop-Up Show, go here.