Thompson’s Station School Briefs for Feb. 5, 2015

Bethesda Elementary
Fifth graders at Bethesda Elementary have been working hard at typing their reports. They are really focused on their typing skills and re-reading to see if it makes sense.

Heritage Middle
Trials and Presentations are what’s happening this week at HMS!  Ms. Fox’s 8th grade U.S. History class had mock trials of Andrew Jackson on Monday and Tuesday. The students were either part of the prosecution, the defense, the jury or a witness and researched the issues from their character’s perspective. What great hands on learning! At week’s end HMS will host two diverse speakers. On Thursday, Ms. Maier’s 6th grade social studies classes will have a chance to learn about ancient China from Mr. Scott Barton, an international salesman, who has traveled extensively in China. On Friday, Mr. Matt Stephens  a former student of 6th grade science teacher Ms. Riggs and a former meteorologist, will be in the library talking about atmospheric conditions such as convection, convection and radiation, air masses and severe weather. Another well rounded week of learning at HMS!