Thompson’s Station School Briefs for February 27, 2015

Bethesda Elementary
The Super Scientist, Mr. Richie, paid a recent visit to Bethesda Elementary to teach third graders about separating mixtures. The students Lisa McCullough’s class used a marker to make their design. Then rubbing alcohol was dropped in the middle and it spread the marker into a beautiful design.

Heritage Middle
Our HMS students are rigorously and, in the case of Ms. Fischer’s 6th grade science classes, deliciously, learning this week.  Learning the different phases of the moon has never been sweeter when you can create them using Oreos. This hands-on learning experience was just another way to help our students retain this sweet learning. In 7th grade science before the impromptu snow break, Ms. Telford’s student’s were busy using their knowledge of Newton’s Laws of Motion, simple machines and the engineering/design process to create a Rube Goldberg Device using classroom supplies. Students were challenged to create a device containing at least four unique energy transfers that could carry out a simple task (such as turning off the light, closing the door, ringing a bell or turning on a faucet). Loads of great learning going on at HMS!