Learn About Thompson’s Station Major Thoroughfare Plan June 18

Thompson's Station Major Thoroughfare Plan Meeting

The Town of Thompson’s Station is in the process of developing its first Major Thoroughfare Plan and is currently soliciting public input from the community. This outreach will include several public meetings, the next of which will be held on June 18, and citizens can always provide feedback or send questions via email to TS.MTP@bargedesign.com.

A Major Thoroughfare Plan (MTP) is a long-range plan that shows a vision for the Town’s transportation network. It provides guidance for future growth and is a regulatory plan for public investments and future improvements to roads, sidewalks, and multimodal facilities. Citizen feedback is critical to ensure that the community’s priorities are reflected in the MTP.

The first MTP public meeting was held on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at the Thompson’s Station Community Center and was hosted by the project team, which consists of Town staff and Barge Design Solutions, a local planning and engineering consulting firm. The 51 attendees at the meeting learned about the purpose of the MTP and provided input that will be used to shape the plan.

Interested citizens who were unable to attend the public meeting or who have additional comments should submit their input via email to TS.MTP@bargedesign.com by May 31, 2019 to be considered in the preliminary plan.

Visit the Major Thoroughfare Plan Project Page for more information.

Next steps in the process:

Now: The team is reviewing and categorizing the comments from the first public meeting and concurrently developing traffic models of the Town for present and future conditions. Community feedback and model results will form the basis for proposed recommendations for the Town’s transportation network.

2nd Public Meeting – June 18th 2019: Preliminary recommendations will be presented for feedback at a second MTP public meeting on June 18th at 6:30 pm in the Community Center (1555 Thompson’s Station Rd West).

July 2019: Additional feedback from the second public meeting will be incorporated into a final plan for presentation to the Planning Commission and BOMA.