Thompson’s Station LDO Adopted Unanimously

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The hard work Thompson Station leaders and citizens put into drafting a forward-looking Land Development Ordinance (LDO) paid off last night, when the Town Board of Aldermen and Mayor unanimously approved the final version of the LDO.

Thompson Station’s aspirations for growth and for ways to guide that growth in harmony with Town character are now embodied in official policy.

Adoption of the new LDO comes after an intensive collaborative process than began in the spring of this year. You can follow each step in the effort in the diary posts on the project website. If you want a quick review of what the process has been about, check out the FAQ. And if you’re interested in a deeper dive into background documents, you’ll find them in the Resources section.

The smooth movement through each phase of the project is a credit to residents and business people who attended meetings that led to broad consensus on what the goals of the LDO should be and how best to achieve those goals through policy-making. So everyone should take a well-earned bow.

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