This All Natural Moisturizer is a Must-Have Summer Item

If you are always on the hunt for natural beauty products, here’s a moisturizer you need to know about.

Topical C by Sanitas is a deep moisturizer that also is a reparative balm specifically made to nourish severe dry skin and address age spots. It further works by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, brighten dark spots, and speed skin renewal. It’s also super easy to apply with 1-2 pumps applied directly to face, neck, and neckline.

You can find Topical C (as well as lots of other products) at Waxing the City in Franklin.

At Waxing the City, you’ll find products that are cruelty free and contain no parabens, phthalates, dyes, harsh preservatives or gluten. Further, their products are fragrance free, using only essential oils for scent.

They pick their ingredients with the customer in mind to reduce potential for allergic reactions and increase the body’s own ability heal and rejuvenate its skin cells.

Waxing the City is a place for both women and men to receive a wax from head to toe. Waxing the City offers a full array of waxing services: bikini, Brazilian, eyebrows, lips, nose, ears, legs, arms, back, and chest. Unlike other waxing salons, they offer both hard and soft wax. In addition to waxing services, they provide clients with brow and lash tinting.

Visit them at 3046 Columbia Ave, Franklin TN 37064.