Third Generation Baker Makes Sweet Treats as ‘The Dessert Diva’

The Dessert Diva
photo from The Dessert Diva

Eve Mattis is a third-generation baker who recently moved to Franklin. After deciding to meet the neighbors with a homemade sweet treat, her business, The Dessert Diva was created all while still attending high school.

We talked with Eve about moving to a new place, being a third-generation baker, her love of baking, and her first solo baking experience.

The thought of moving to Franklin started back in 2017 when Eve and her family visited Nashville but decided to stay in Franklin during their visit.

“My Mom, Grandmother, and Aunt were the original ‘Divas.’ They had an Event business in Wilmington, NC, ‘The Three Divas Events’ that specialized in weddings and included cakes, floral & event design, planning, directing, and videography. They first visited Nashville on a business trip in 2015 to do a video for a celebrity family, and they fell in love with the city and the people. In 2017 they brought my brother and me to Nashville for a visit and we stayed in Franklin. That visit changed our lives as the five of us immediately thought it felt like home,” said Eve.

She continued, “Our entire family decided it was time for a change. We began to pray to move here, and as a part of that transition, they closed their event business and began to focus on other work. My Mom, Jennifer Mattis, became an interior designer with Ethan Allen, and in December of 2020 she was offered a position at the Brentwood Ethan Allen store. We quickly found our home in Fieldstone Farms and moved here in March 2021.  We absolutely love it here in Franklin!”

In talking about how she became a third-generation baker, Eve talked about the original divas and how she seemed to be a natural at baking.

“As I mentioned above, my Mom, Aunt, and Grandmother were the original “Divas”. My Mom was the baker for their event business, and created incredibly beautiful and delicious wedding & event cakes.  My Aunt was the Videographer and filmed amazing videos, and my Grandmother was the floral and event designer and designed beautiful arrangements,” said Eve.

“Growing up I had the privilege of watching these three wonderful women entrepreneurs at work. In this environment, my artistic skills were nurtured, and I recognized I was drawn to the creative aspect of baking and designing desserts. As I began to bake for my family, they said I was a natural and encouraged me to develop that talent” she said.

But in talking about opening a business in Franklin, it started as a way to introduce herself to her new neighbors.

“After we moved to Fieldstone Farms, I gave my cupcakes  to our neighbors as a ‘Hi we’re new to the neighborhood’ gift. One neighbor asked if she could buy my cupcakes, and word got out.  I started getting orders every week. I never intended to start a baking business, so it was a surprise that I would be continuing the baking traditions of our family as the next ‘Diva.’ It is still a family business as I continue to learn from my Mom, and as I get everyone’s help when I need it!  Even my brother, a high school sophomore, has been known to pitch in when muscle is needed.” said Eve.

In talking about her first baking experience, she remembers baking with her mom but it was an apple pie that was her first solo attempt.

“We have a picture of Mom and me making lemon bars when I was about four years old. I still remember the challenge of perfectly stacking the cake on top of the frosting to form tiered dessert bites! My first solo attempt at baking was an apple cake which remains a family favorite. (This makes me think I should offer it as a Special one month!),” said Eve.

For now, The Dessert Diva is special order only but there are plans to be at festivals and other events and keep following her, there might actually be a pop-up shop.

Eve added, “Being ‘The Dessert Diva’ is such an adventure and it brings me such joy and fulfillment. I love when I can make a client happy, and know I have contributed to their special event!”

On the website, you can order cupcakes and cakes with different flavored frostings and fillings. There are also meringue cookies. But keep checking for monthly specials. To place an order, find The Dessert Diva here.