valentines gifts

One of the best things about Valentine’s Day can be giving gifts to your loved one. While flowers and chocolate have become popular gifts to give on Valentine’s, one of the best gifts you can give is time. Here are some gift ideas that are not only meaningful but also create a way for you and your significant other to spend quality time together.

1A Hobby-Related Gift

A great idea is to give a gift related to a favorite hobby of your Valentine. Bonus points if you share an interest in that hobby. For example, if the two of you like rock climbing, new equipment and a date to a rock climbing studio shows that you are thinking about their interest and creating time for them. Or if your Valentine enjoys art, purchasing supplies and scheduling a date to an upcoming art show is a way to give a useful gift and plan a romantic night.

2Get out and try something new

Why not try something different this Valentine’s? Trying new and different things can often bring couples closer together. When is the last time you went bowling or ice skating? Or have you ever tried Extreme Escape Games? Gather up another couple friend or two and sign up. You can choose between six different rooms and you have to work together to solve clues and escape within an hour.

3Candlelight dinner and movie at home

Everyone likes to go out, but sometimes it’s even nicer to stay in. Set the table with fine china, light a couple of candles, and have dinner at home. If you like to, you two can even cook dinner together and have some fun before settling down for a movie.

Here’s a list from Lifehacker on some of the best movies to watch on Valentine’s.

4Couples Spa Day

Have a relaxing afternoon and schedule a Couples Massage at A Moment’s Peace. If Valentine’s Day doesn’t work for your schedule, give a gift card to your partner, so the two of you can plan a special day together.

5Valentine’s Day Cruise

Love is in the air – and on the river! Cruise the Cumberland while enjoying a romantic evening aboard the General Jackson Showboat. Tickets include a three-hour cruise, entertainment from the Perry Danos Band, and a delicious three-course meal.

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