The Singing Fireman Kicks Off City of Brentwood Event

Tyler Braden

At an event last Saturday honoring the history of Brentwood’s first emergency responders, Brentwood firefighter Tyler Braden performed. He performed “Little Red Wine” which currently has 5 million spins on Spotify.

As a firefighter in his hometown of Montgomery, Alabama the Alabama native began his music career by writing on his days off. After a visit to Nashville where he performed in a writer’s round, Braden decided to make the move to Music City and works as a firefighter now for the City of Brentwood.

“I had wanted to move here a while to play music but couldn’t without a good job. Finally found the opportunity with the fire department here and immediately applied,” said Braden.

Since Braden recently released “Little Red Wine” we wanted to know the story behind the song.

“I actually wrote it a few years ago as my first “country” song and ended up completely revisiting it and changing it later before I released it. To me, it’s about knowing the little things that help your significant other wind down after a hard day because it’s different for everyone,” said Braden.

Braden’s career as a firefighter happened organically after he placed first in his class.

“I wasn’t on a career path and (I) had a friend ask if I wanted to apply in Montgomery with him, so I did and placed number 1 on the testing out of a couple thousand applicant(s) and we ended up getting hired together a year later,” said Braden.

We asked Braden how often his fellow firefighters would request he pick up his guitar and play a tune.

“Very rarely- haha I use my downtown for music when I can, but only the business side of it. sometimes I do get put on the spot though,” said Braden.

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Watch the video from the City of Brentwood where Braden performs and City of Brentwood Officer Tommy Campsey talks about the time he arrested George Jones back in the 80s and how he ended up in a George Jones music video.