Kids Washing Car

As the weather finally begins to warm up and winter’s grip allows for the Sunday drives to get a little bit longer, owners must get their cars cleaned up and ready to show off on Main Street. While we all can’t get our cars as clean as places like MILES Auto Spa, there is definitely a right way to wash a car and a wrong way.

When washing your car, there are a few key things to remember to maximize your cars brilliance inside and out. The first thing to remember is to not allow the dead bugs, leaves, and bird droppings to accumulate. The chemicals from these bugs, leaves, and droppings can eat away at the paint on the car. If left on for too long, the damage can require sanding and repainting the area to properly correct.

When picking a soap to wash your car with, be sure to get a non-abrasive soap. Abrasive soaps, such as dish soap, can speed the oxidation process and dull the car’s paints. Other non-car soaps are not pH-balanced and can also damage the paint. Specialized car soap contains more lubricants, which is better for a car’s surface.

Another consideration after washing is to properly dry the car and not let the car air dry. Air drying the car creates water spots. Drying your car should be done with one of two implements, a towel or a squeegee. If using a towel, dry with a flat towel in straight lines to prevent streaking.

While washing your car can be easily done in some time in your driveway, MILES Auto Spa offers two locations to get a top flight car wash. MILES Auto Spa offers five levels of car wash with seven additional services, including wheel cleaner, conditioner, rust inhibitor, rain off, and tire shine. MILES also offers an underbody flush, which can be particularly important after an icy-winter that could leave a salt brine in your car’s undercarriage.

If you need your car cleaned up for the spring, visit MILES Auto Spa on Bakers Bridge Avenue or MILES Express at the corner of Mallory Lane and Mallory Station Road.

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