The Mockingbird Restaurant Changes Ownership

Mockingbird Restaurant
credit Facebook

The Mockingbird Restaurant in Spring Hill has new owners. After running the restaurant for four years, current owner Tanya Prifitera has handed it over to Tara and Les Stouder.

Tanya Prifitera welcomed the community to the 1850’s farmhouse just over four years ago.

“I turned the 1850’s farmhouse into the Mockingbird Restaurant a little over four years ago. Over the years there have been many different restaurateurs who came along and try to buy it, but they all wanted to change the concept somehow…something I was not a fan of,” said Priftitera.

The new owners of Mockingbird are Tara Stouder has been working at the restaurant and she and Les have big plans moving forward.

“They will keep the craft cocktails and the menu concept and add their own ideas to the business. Tara is an amazing chocolatier and has talked about adding her desserts and even a gift shop!  They want to offer live music outside as well. It was important to me to have someone build on what we’ve already created there, and Tara loves the concept and wants to take it to the next level. She is a go-getter and an entrepreneur with a ton of vision and drive! I’m super excited to see what she does with it,” stated Prifitera.

Via Facebook, the restaurant announced the new owners stating, “We are proud to announce that the Mockingbird is now under new ownership! Tara and Les Stouder, the proud new owners of the business, have big plans to expand the brand and add some exciting things to the property! Please be patient with us as we make our transformation. Thank you to the Mockingbird patrons for your support over the years! Tara may be a familiar face to some of you as she has worked there for quite a while now. We wish her all the best and hope that your continued support will ensure her success with this venture.”

In looking back over the last few years, Prifitera stated, “I wish to thank the patrons who supported us over the years as well as Barbara Jo Jenkins, our landlord who helped us preserve the history of the farmhouse and make the concept of The Mockingbird  Restaurant.”

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