by Serenity Joy Miller, Foodie

On Sunday, I made my way over to Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint in Nolensville. The exterior of the building was very inviting, and a flyer on the door announced a new local beer on tap. The interior had an Americana theme with movie posters, record album covers, vintage signs, license plates, and TN Titans paraphernalia decorating the walls.

Martin’s is mostly a counter-service restaurant, but they do have a small bar where friendly servers are ready to take your food and drink orders. The bartender and cashier, Laura, made sure I had everything I needed in a timely manner, even though Martin’s was packed with people at 3 PM. When I asked questions about the food and beer, Laura always provided a knowledgeable response with a friendly smile and a positive attitude.

martins-bar-b-que-nolensville-redneck-tacoI was pleased to find several local beers on tap, including two Yazoo brews, Tennessee Brew Works’ Country Roots Sweet Potato Stout, and Nolensville’s own Mill Creek Brewing Company’s Lil Darlin’. Since it was a hot summer day, I ordered the Lil Darlin’, which is an unfiltered wheat beer with a refreshing citrus taste. The Mill Creek brewery is scheduled to open in October, but they have released Lil Darlin’ to select bars and restaurants in the area.
For dessert, I sampled the Tennessee Brew Works’ Country Roots Sweet Potato Stout. If you like smooth, rich stouts with hints of dark chocolate and coffee, you need to try this one.

Now, let’s talk about the food. Most notably, Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint does not have freezers or microwaves. All of the food is cooked fresh every day, and they buy local produce, meat, and other items whenever possible. Before I drove out to Martin’s, I looked up a few reviews online. Most of them raved about the Redneck Taco, which consists of a cornbread hoe-cake topped with slaw, sauce, and brisket or another meat of your choosing. I knew I had to try it! And I was not disappointed. The brisket was tender and moist with a pleasantly smoky flavor; the slaw was cool, crunchy, and light; and the sweet fried cornbread hoe-cake made a nice, soft “taco shell.” The sweet and spicy sauce pulled it all together to create a delightfully tangy and unique entrée.

Rib plate

I also ordered a Rib plate with 4 ribs, potato salad, and hushpuppies. The ribs came out dusted with Martin’s perfectly blended Memphis Dry seasoning, which included hints of chili powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, paprika, garlic, and other herbs and spices. The ribs were high quality with a lot of meat and very little fat on the bone. Generally, I like to order ribs with sauce, but the dry seasoning was my favorite this time. Their tangy Southern Belle sauce with sweet molasses and tomato had a nice, slightly spicy flavor, and I enjoyed it on the ribs, as well.

Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint uses simple recipes and fresh, high quality ingredients to produce incredible, mouth-watering flavors. Their creamy potato salad, which was phenomenal, included perfectly cooked red potatoes, crisp celery, scallions, and seasonings like celery salt, black pepper, and onion powder. The hushpuppies were tasty, crispy, and could tame the spicy flavors.

This was my second trip out to Nolensville to review a restaurant, and, once again, I was very pleased with my meal. So far, I have been quite impressed with the quality of the food, as well as the variety of eateries that Nolensville has to offer. Now, they just need to make a direct expressway from Franklin to Nolensville, so I can try them all!

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