The Four Reasons Fitness Plans Fail

niki g fitnessLet’s face it, many of us have tried a variety of fitness plans over the years in a valiant attempt to get fit, lose weight and/or get healthy. How many have you tried? Have any of them worked? Probably not.

Local fitness and personal training expert Niki Gauthier says fitness plans can fail because they lack four key ingredients, which are:

  1. Community
  2. Accountability
  3. Personalization
  4. Variety

This article is the first in a four part series, exploring the four main reasons why fitness plans fail. This week, we’ll focus on Community.

A community is a group that shares a common interest. In this case, the common interest is health,self-improvement and/or weight loss. For some women, working-out with others, rather than alone, is more fun and can be motivating. In addition, feeling like you are part of a community when exercising helps build a sense of camaraderie. Friendships are formed, which can also help motivate you to continue exercising. When you begin to see positive results as a result of the exercise, your motivation is fueled even further.

Niki Gauthier, owner of Niki G’s Fitness, has more than 19 years of experience as a fitness expert. A Certified Personal Trainer, Niki G is also a former fitness competitor, fitness model and has appeared on the Home Shopping Network and its sister network, America’s Store as a regular guest and as a fitness expert, representing ProForm Fitness — the world’s largest manufacturer of in-home fitness equipment.

Married for nearly 17 years to husband Sam, Niki is also a mother of two who gained and lost over 50 pounds with each of her two pregnancies! Niki can easily relate to the challenges many women face to maintain their health and fitness while simultaneously juggling family and career. Niki’s own life experience served as the catalyst for Niki G Fitness, which specializes in fitness for women by women.

Building a sense of “community” is one of the keys to Niki G’s success. Membership at Niki G’s Fitness is limited each month so classes are small. Not only does the training team get to know each member, so do the other women in the training group. Members support each other and create a bond through this shared class experience.

In addition, there’s a regularly scheduled “Ladies Night Out” for Niki G Fitness members, and Team Niki G meets at least once per week to run/walk and train together. If you happen to be missing from class, expect a text or email from the trainer or one of your Niki G classmates, checking on you.

With two locations in Williamson County, Niki G’s classes include a wide variety of exercises including cardio drills, resistance training, stretching and plyometrics. Some classes are held in-studio or at gyms, while others are held outdoor, which adds further variety to your workout.

In addition, Niki G’s Boot Camp is unique because it’s a program that provides more than just exercise. It includes regular challenges, ongoing nutritional education, personal coaching and accountability from Niki’s team of trainers, exclusive newsletters, a private Facebook group and more.

Find your community at Niki G’s Fitness in Franklin, Brentwood, Lenox Village, Nashville, Belle Meade or Mt. Juliet. Classes are now in progress at each location. Join a class today at, or click here to receive an invitation to our next FREE trial class. If you love it, continue for as little as $176 per month. Otherwise, there’s no obligation.

Voted Best Specialty Fitness Outlet in Williamson County.

Check with us next Monday when we discuss Reason #2 Why Fitness Plans Fail.