The Casual Pint, located at 1110 Hillsboro Road in Franklin, will close its doors this weekend.

Owners Ken and Kayla Franse shared the news on Facebook.

Franklin….This is the toughest post we have ever had to post! But, with great regret, sadness, tears, and prayer, The Casual Pint will be shutting its doors for the final time after close on Saturday, June 29th.

We have enjoyed our time here more than you can imagine. We love our customers more than you can imagine…in fact, many have become MUCH more than just customers to us, some friends, some GREAT friends, some more like family and we hope that doesn’t change!)

Please join us for the last few days and let’s enjoy them while they last! One last hoorah, or two. I mean, you gotta help us drink what beer we have in the cooler 

Kayla and I will be around quite a bit these last few days and hope to get to see and talk to you all!

We love you all!

The Casual Pint is hosting “One Last Horrah” Friday, June 28 through Saturday, June 29. The event states that all the beer has to go – draft, package and singles. Plus, the event offers an opportunity for patrons to say goodbye to owners Ken and Kayla Franse. And for those looking for a spot to watch Women’s soccer USA vs France, they’ll have the game available at 2 p.

About The Casual Pint 

Opening in October of 2015, The Casual Pint is a unique combination of tap room and package store. It’s located just off Hillsboro Rd behind the Zaxby’s and next to La Hacienda Mexican restaurant (1110 Hillsboro Road, Franklin).