Coke Bottle

Tennessee is known for many things, but here is a list we found at Only in Tennessee where we did it first. We think you might find this list surprising, you might even want to pull a few of these little known facts out at your next dinner party.

1. Invented the typewriter. Does anyone remember the typewriter?

2. First to bottle Coke. Chattanooga, technically, was the first ‘franchised’ bottling of coke, after purchasing the rights for $1.

3. First Cotton Candy but at one point it was known as “Fairy Floss.”

4. Birthplace of first American hero-Davy Crockett

5. First Little Debbie Cakes made in Chattanooga

6. First Miniature Golf Course by Tom Thumb Golf in Chattanooga

7. First Moon Pie

8. This one may be debatable but Bristol claims to be home to Country Music

9. First Candy Bar in Nashville-Goo Goo Cluster

10. Piggly Wiggly founded in 1916 was the first self serve grocery store.

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