Tennessee State Parks Remain Open

State Park

Amid a long list of closures due to the coronavirus, Tennessee State Parks remain open.

“Tennessee State Parks remain open as we monitor COVID-19 and the impact of coronavirus in our state. We are taking the CDC’s recommended precautions as we work to provide a safe environment for our visitors,” a statement reads.

At this time, all cabins remain open at state parks along with golf courses and campground areas.

Park scheduled events are determined on a park-by-park basis. If you are interested in an event, it’s suggested to check with the park first to ensure it will continue.

The parks are taking precautions, they shared how they are cleaning surfaces throughout the park.

“Cleaning and disinfecting restrooms, bathhouses, inn room, cabins, and frequently touched surfaces.  Restrooms and bathhouses are cleaned daily or more often, based upon the level of park use.  We have always cleaned inn rooms and cabins between each guest’s stay. We are cleaning frequently touched surfaces more frequently with a disinfectant cleaning solution.  We are providing antibacterial soaps in all soap dispensers throughout our parks.”

For the latest information on visit Tennessee State Parks website.