tennessee recaived more rain than anywhere else in the country

The rain began more than a week ago, and since then Tennessee has gotten more rain than anywhere else in the country.

Flooding over the weekend caused Lewsiburg Pike to close until Sunday evening, Third Avenue North also closed in downtown Franklin for a time on Saturday. Below are pictures from near Carnton Plantation on Sunday.

Up to 8 Inches Fell

In the past week, nearly all of Williamson County received more than 5 inches of rainfall total, with upwards of 8 inches in certain places.

Total precipitation for 7 days ending on 4/24

With about a tenth of an inch on Easter Sunday and the following Monday each, the first major downpour came in the area last Tuesday. Areas of Williamson County got at least half an inch of rain and more than 3 inches in areas on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, another .25 to 1 inch were added, before things cleared up on Thursday, with light rain only across the area.

Minimal rain came on Friday, but the most severe weather arrived overnight early Saturday and continued into the day. Between 2.5, and in places more than 4 inches of rain fell, before the rain abated.

Total precipitation on April 22

On Sunday the 23rd, it continued, with up to 1 inch still falling across Williamson County.

Here is how the last week across Tennessee compares to rain in the rest of the country:



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