Tennessee Brew Works Introduces First “All-Tennessee” Grain Craft Beer

TN Brew Works

Tennessee Brew Works, Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Tennessee State Parks  and Batey Farms announced a multi-year brewing initiative to bring “barley back to Tennessee,” producing the first all-Tennessee grain Tennessee State Park Blond Ale.

Batey Farms, an 8th generation family-owned farm located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, is now producing malted barley sourced straight from their farm. Until today, grains used in Tennessee Craft Beers were sourced from an array of suppliers ranging from the Midwest, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and Belgium. Since 2015, Tennessee Brew Works has partnered with Batey Farms to produce wheat for their beers.

Brandon Whitt, owner of Batey Farms says, “We’re planting the seeds that will bring our farmers and breweries to prosperity together. And, Tennessee State Parks will benefit along the way!”

Today, Tennessee Brew Works’ State Park Blonde Ale is being brewed with all-Tennessee grains. Next week, Tennessee Brew Works will begin brewing its all-Tennessee grain Southern Wit, a Belgian-Style White Ale.

“Helping Tennessee farmers take advantage of new crops and technologies will help expand our rural economy. The exponential growth of breweries and distilleries in the state represents a tremendous opportunity to develop a supply chain between local farmers and businesses. We congratulate and thank Tennessee Brew Works and Batey Farms for leading the way in this new venture,” says Tom Womack, Deputy Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Agriculture.

Tennessee Brew Works and Tennessee State Parks first partnered in July of 2017 producing the first Tennessee State Park Blonde Ale benefiting the Tennessee State Parks Conservancy and the state’s 56 State Parks System. To date, more than $7,000 has been donated from the beer proceeds. 

“This partnership has produced a truly unique and local Tennessee craft brew that considers the preservation and protection of our state’s natural resources from start to finish,” said Brock Hill, deputy commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s Bureau of Parks and Conservation. “The State Park Blonde Ale is not only made of 100% Tennessee grain, but sales directly support the care of some of Tennessee’s most beautiful and precious public lands.”

“By utilizing all-Tennessee grains, we are creating beer that is truly indigenous to our home. Using the State Park Blonde Ale to launch the effort provides an opportunity to benefit the Tennessee State Parks as well,” said Christian Spears, President and Founder, Tennessee Brew Works. 

“Our ultimate goal is to entice breweries, distilleries and farms around the state to participate; creating economies of scale that benefit all of us and bring our industries closer to agricultural self-sufficiency within Tennessee. The potential of this initiative is limitless.”

About Batey Farms

Founded in 1807, Batey Farms is located in the Blackman community of Rutherford County, just 6 miles northwest of Murfreesboro.  It is an 8th generation family owned and operated hog, row crop, and hay farm that prides itself on being noble stewards of the land and animals that we have the pleasure to care for. Since 1807 dating back to a Revolutionary war land grant, the farm has been in production agriculture. It has continued to grow and take advantage of new technologies that date back to running water and electricity to new age GPS, field mapping, data collection and variable rate seed, fertilizer and chemical placement to ensure that it is doing all it can to provide a secure and safe environment. Please visit www.bateyfarms.com.

About Tennessee State Parks

From its beginning in 1937, Tennessee State Parks were established to protect and preserve the unique natural, cultural and historic resources of Tennessee. The public interest has also been served by a variety of benefits for citizens and communities produced by our state park system, promoting stronger communities and healthier citizens across the state through diverse resource-based recreation while conserving the natural environment for today and tomorrow – preserving authentic Tennessee places and spaces for future generations to enjoy. There are 56 Tennessee State Parks to explore.

About Tennessee Brew Works

Tennessee Brew Works was founded with a mission to create high quality craft beer that pays homage to the land, traditions and culture of Tennessee. They brew beers using only natural ingredients and source them from local farms whenever possible. Tennessee Brew Works is one-hundred percent owned and operated by folks in Tennessee. They are guided by their motto: “We work hard to create high quality craft beer that makes Tennessee proud. Our culture places importance on family, friends, and community, and we hope you’ll be a part of it.”