Teens Charged for Dumping a Deer in Country Club Pool

teens charged with dumping deer
From L to R: Samuel Perry Bland, 18, and Stephen Ross, 19

Three teens face charges after allegedly skinning a pregnant deer and dumping it in a Franklin country club pool.

According to a Fox 17 report, Samuel Perry Bland, 18, and Stephen Ross, 19, and an unidentified minor were responsible for the carcass that was found at the Temple Hills Country Club in May.

Arrest warrants for Bland and Ross say they were traveling in a vehicle along Egypt Hollow Road when they spotted a white-tailed doe just off the road. Bland allegedly steered to keep the deer in their headlights while the other two shot at it from the vehicle.

Warrants then say the three suspects brought the dead doe to the Temple Hills Country Club where they climbed over a fence and dumped it in the pool. Damage to the country club is estimated at nearly $7,500.

Bland, Ross and the juvenile are charged with hunting from a motor vehicle, shooting from/across public road, hunting big game in closed season, illegal possession/taking, spotlighting deer, aggravated criminal littering, criminal trespass and vandalism greater than $2,500.


  1. Absolutely disgusting. Another example of the horror and torture people are inflicting on poor helpless animals. And it MUST not be tolerated. These teens do not deserve to be treated any kinder than they treated this deer. Now is the tme to let people know that torture and cruelty of helpless animals will be death with swiftly and severely.

  2. I didn’t know that criminal trespass and vandalism greater than $2,500 were the same charge.

  3. Meanwhile in eastern Tennessee, two teens carelessly light a bunch of matches, burn 1,000’s of acres, destroy hundreds of homes, kill several people, and they have the charges dropped against them… SMH

  4. The punishment should be severe,this is a horrible,disgusting action. Makes you wonder what these boys will do after this as they get older. No doubt the families are ashamed of these indications of what those boys are really capable of. How can anyone even think about doing something so sickening.

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