TDOT Winter Weather Update – Thursday

Heather Jensen the Community Relations Officer  for Tennessee Department of Transportation gives us an update on what is happening with all the roads around Middle Tennessee for this Thursday morning.

First, allow me to extend my thanks to each of you that provided me the opportunity to talk about the department’s efforts to clear the road during this crazy winter weather event. As you know, it has been an exceptionally busy time with crews working around-the-clock on the road, in the maintenance garage, and at the Transportation Management Center (TMC). Of course, the work continues today, and it looks like we may have a difficult start to the weekend.

That said, let’s talk about what’s happening now. Today, crews will continue to clear the interstates, with focus on the shoulders and ramps. We continue to be challenged by frigid temperatures, especially on elevated roadways and in areas that do not receive sunlight. With the workload somewhat lighter on the main arteries, crews will be able to tackle the state routes, including more rural routes throughout the region.

Since this weather event began, the goal has been to clear the roadways as much as possible during the day, before colder temperatures set in at night. The reprieve from precipitation and the abundance of sunshine has allowed us to make great progress in clearing the roads, even with sub-freezing temperatures. These continued efforts are crucial as we prepare for more snow on Friday.

Finally, I would like to make a small request. Currently, the department is being inundated with requests to clear local roads and neighborhood streets. PLEASE NOTE: TDOT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR STATE-OWNED ROADS ONLY. This includes interstates and state routes. All other local roads are managed and maintained by local governments, public works and highway departments.