Tasty Tuesday for October 16

firehouse sub pub steak

Tasty Tuesday for October 16, 2018, is a weekly news feature about tasty food including restaurants, grocery stores, and more. We try to find the latest limited menu items and promotions happening in the Middle Tennessee area.

1New M&M’s Chocolate Bars Coming

Available in five flavor varieties, the new molded tablet bars all feature M&M’s minis embedded in creamy milk chocolate. The five new varieties are: M&M’s Minis, Milk Chocolate Bar (4-oz), M&M’s Minis and Peanuts, Milk Chocolate Bar (3.9-oz), M&M’s Minis and Almonds, Milk Chocolate Bar (3.9-oz), M&M’s Minis and Crisp Rice, Milk Chocolate Bar (3.8-oz), M&M’s Minis and Crisp Rice with Mint Flavor, Milk Chocolate Bar (3.8-oz)

2Firehouse Subs Introduces Firehouse Pub Steak Sub

Recently, Firehouse Subs debuted a limited time menu item the Firehouse Pub Steak Sub. A savory steak sandwich is topped with a rich blend of sharp cheddar and American cheeses flavored with White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale, and crispy fried onions. Available in participating U.S. restaurants through the end of the year.

3Scout’s Pub Westhaven Supreme

Red pepper coulis, mozzarella, black olives, banana peppers, in-house pork sausage, capicola, green bell peppers, roma tomatoes, red onion and fontina. More info.

4Wild Hare Beer Co. and BYOF

Bring your own food! BYOF. We support all of our amazing local restaurants! Pick it up, or have it delivered, and enjoy. We’ll keep the beer cold. More info

5Pork Belly Farmhouse in Nolensville

The menu has selections of pork, seafood, salads, and sides. Unlike most restaurants with only one or two desserts, you will find a selection of five different desserts including a gluten-free donut. And for kids, there’s a fruity pebbles cheesecake dessert. More info here!