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Donated Car

Car’s Donor Chose ‘Empowering’ Wheels-to-Work Program

After buying a new car, Henry Newbold no longer needed his used Audi A4 Quattro. But the Franklin resident didn’t want to just sell...
Goodwill employee receives donated car

Thanks to a Donated Car, Goodwill Employee is on the Road...

With a crowd looking on and cameras rolling, Christine McCrury settled in behind the wheel of her Audi A4 Quattro five-speed. She started the...
Christine McCrury receives car through Goodwill's Wheels to Work Program

Goodwill Employee to Receive Donated Car

A Goodwill store employee will receive a donated vehicle through the nonprofit’s Wheels-to-Work program on July 6 in downtown Nashville. The Wheels-to-Work Program was...

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Tue, Aug 22 8:00 pm
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