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demystifying car insurance

Demystifying Car Insurance Policies, Types, and Terms

Car insurance — we all know we need it. But beyond that, many of us still ask ourselves, “What auto insurance should I get?”...
renter's insurance

What You Need to Know About Renter’s Insurance

Do you live in an apartment? Do you ever think about the bad things that could happen to your property? Of course, these are...
how much renters insurance to buy

How do I Know How Much Renters Insurance to Buy?

brought to you by your local State Farm Agent Chris Nielsen Your furniture is in place, the utilities are hooked up, and your rental unit...
Things to know before a home inspection

Things to Know Before a Home Inspection

Buying and selling a home can be full of ups and downs, stresses and rewards — including the inspection. Here are answers to common...
buying a house

New Home Buyers: How to Find the Right Agent for You

You've prepared for the largest investment of your life over the last several years: your first home. While homeownership is something that everyone should...