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Scene Around Town: Headless Horseman on Halloween

On Tuesday afternoon, the Headless Horseman was spotted at Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin. The Headless Horseman (Jami Villers) and his fiance, Nancy Nichols dressed up...

Know-It-All Nancy: 7 Techniques That Get A Man To Spend Money...

Men will pull out their wallets to impress a woman who is self-assured and self-sufficient, and they will put minimum effort into scoring sexually...

Know-It-All Nancy: 11 Signs You’re Traumatized By A Breakup

You broke off with your abusive partner. You’re debilitated by a roller-coaster of emotions; denial, fear, anger, guilt and sorrow. Your misplaced feelings of...
nancy nichols

Know-It-All Nancy: Things Rejection Can Teach You About Yourself

Most times someone’s disapproval may NOT be about you, but about their negative mindset and rigid standards. But if your friends stop inviting you...

Know-It-All Nancy: Why You Must Forgive Or Regret the Alternative

Forgiveness is something you do for yourself. Clinging to the memory of how someone wronged you, harms you more than it ever harms the person...

Know-It-All Nancy: Why Women Need Gifts From Men

Women who need a man’s approval and acceptance can place a high value on his gift giving. In her mind, gifts equate to a...
nancy nichols

Know-It-All Nancy: Stop Letting People Hurt Your Feelings

Rejection pierces our heart. When we feel rejected, we feel insignificant, worthless and unlovable. But someone’s disapproval may not be about you, but about...
nancy nichols

Know-It-All Nancy: Why Women Stay With An Abusive Partner

He verbally and physically abuses you. You know in your heart that your relationship is a lost cause, and yet you can't find the...

Know-It-All Nancy: Why Men Are Not Attracted To You

Do men seem to skip over you? The overly discriminating woman projects an unapproachable presence to the very man she wants to attract. She...

Know-It-All Nancy: How To Develop and KEEP Men Friends

Men want to have sex with women. Sometimes a woman wants to enjoy a man’s company without having sex but she doesn’t know how...

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