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Reliant Bank Partners with Hytch to Offer Rewards for Ridesharing

Reliant Bank is paying incentives to motivate commuters to share rides in an eight-county area of Middle Tennessee and in Chattanooga’s Hamilton County. To help...
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Hytch App Takes A Million Miles off the Road

The ridesharing app Hytch strives to make a big impact on traffic by connecting carpoolers, incentivizing people to rideshare and reducing the number of cars...

VanPooling: An Alternative (Cheaper) Way to Get to Work in Middle...

By Lee Rennick It costs the average driver about $12,000 a year to maintain their car to drive to and from work in Middle Tennessee....
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Transit U: The History of Funding Transit in Nashville

By Lee Rennick Transit has been a hot topic in Nashville since the area started to see new population growth in the mid-1990s. While funding...

Transit U: Why HOV Lanes Don’t Mean Much in Nashville

by Lee Rennick Nashville has 131 miles of high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes running into it from outlying counties, with 108 of those miles serving commuters....

Transit U: Tunneling Under Downtown Nashville

By: Lee Rennick One part of the Transit Proposal to be voted on in Nashville on May 1 is the creation of a tunnel that...
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Hytch Rewards: Cash Incentives for Carpools & Public Transit

By Lee Rennick As the “traffic problem” continues to grow in Nashville, the Hytch Rewards app has found a way to help decrease the number...
Clarksville Transit Bus

Successful Transit Stories

By Lee Rennick Will a transit system really work? Will it decrease traffic congestion and get cars off of the roads? Will it free up...
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7 Ways the Transit Debate Affects You

By Lee Rennick Talk about transit is heating up as the population in the 14 counties that make up the Nashville Metropolitan Area (NMA) grows...
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Hytch Ride-Sharing App Rewards WCS Bus Riders

From WCS inFocus Williamson County Schools students who ride the bus can make some money doing so. It’s all part of the Hytch Rewards ride-sharing app....

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