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Things to know before a home inspection

Things to Know Before a Home Inspection

Buying and selling a home can be full of ups and downs, stresses and rewards — including the inspection. Here are answers to common...
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New Home Buyers: How to Find the Right Agent for You

You've prepared for the largest investment of your life over the last several years: your first home. While homeownership is something that everyone should...
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Why You Should Review Your Home Insurance Policy and How Often

Has it been a long time since you've actually looked at your home insurances policy? Do you know what your coverage is for natural...

5 Questions to Ask About Home Insurance

Understanding home insurance can be confusing, but it’s one of the most important ways to protect your investment. Depending on where you live, if...

3 Things to Do When Relocating to Franklin

Franklin has been a desirable location for many moving to the middle Tennessee area for years and Franklin continues to be one of the...
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4 Things Most Homeowners Think They Have Insured but Don’t

2. High-Value Items Perhaps one of the more common things not covered by your homeowner policy is high-value items, like jewelry, art, collections and other...

4 Things Most Homeowners Think They Have Insured but Don’t

You've bought the home of your dreams. You've done due diligence and compared home insurance policies and selected one that you feel covers you...
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4 Things Most Homeowners Think They Have Insured but Don’t

4. Liability Insurance can also protect you if something happens on your property. For example, if a neighbor is in your yard, falls and gets...

4 Things Most Homeowners Think They Have Insured but Don’t

3. Natural Disasters Natural disasters, like floods, earthquakes, and sink holes can create thousands of dollars in damage that is not covered. In many cases,...

How “Agreed Value” Policy Features Can Benefit You

For the most part, insurance buyers have one goal in mind when purchasing insurance: Find me the net lowest cost, premiums plus deductibles. Customers...

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