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Ivybrook Academy

New Preschool to Open in Former Henpeck Market Location

Howard and Dawn Varnedoe will open a new preschool called Ivybrook Academy in Franklin in August 2019. Located at 1268 Lewisburg Pike in the former...
Henpeck Market

One of Franklin’s Oldest Restaurants Closes– Why & What’s Next

Henpeck Village Market, at 1268 Lewisburg Pike in Franklin, is closed for the near future at least. The property is for sale, and there are...
henpeck village market

7 Longstanding Local Restaurants and Cafes

4. Henpeck Village Market 1268 Lewisburg Pike, Franklin TN 37064 Henpeck Market, on the intersection of Henpeck Lane and Lewisburg Pike, has a story similar to that...