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waxing the city

Why You Should Continue a Waxing Regimen in the Fall &...

During the fall and winter, when your legs tend to be covered up, it might be tempting to stop your waxing routine, but before...

How to Maintain Good Eating Habits During the Holidays

Eating healthy and well during the year can be difficult enough without adding in the hectic chaos of the holidays. From family dinners to...
family biking together

Ways to Workout as a Family

Most weeks, we probably all feel as though we need more hours in the week. During our hectic schedules, it's hard to squeeze everything...

How Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Work?

Whether you’re aging, were recently pregnant, or have simply developed a condition that has thrown your hormones off balance, your body may need a...
How to Prepare for Your First Waxing Session, Waxing the City Franklin TN

How to Prepare for Your First Waxing Session

The first waxing session can be daunting, especially if you’ve heard all the horror stories about first experiences. The truth - it hurts, and...
Group class doing yoga at their local YMCA

7 Reasons Why Yoga May be the Perfect Exercise For You

Why yoga? This question may be one that many ask themselves when thinking about exercise routines and looking at what types of exercise they...
halloween candy

How Your Family Can Have a Healthier Halloween

Halloween can be a fun time of year for families but if you're a health-conscious family it can be more of a trick than...
Pile of different Athletic Shoes

8 Tips to Buying the Right Athletic Shoe

When many think about having the right shoe, they think about whether it fits, whether it matches their wardrobe, or is appropriate for an...

4 Causes of Hormone Imbalance

Some days we wake up and feel like we can take on the world; we have the energy that we need to keep moving,...
Brentwood Family YMCA Half Harvest Marathon/5k Event

Brentwood Family YMCA Hosts Harvest Half Marathon and 5k Run

The Brentwood Family YMCA is hosting their 5th annual Harvest Half Marathon/5k Run and Family Fall Festival, Saturday, November 4th, which is presented and...

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