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Donna’s Deals: 10 Ways to Save Money at Lowe’s

Are you setting your sights on repainting, upgrading an appliance or just doing some regular home maintenance?  We have ten tips on ways to...
movie theatre

Donna’s Deals: 3 Ways to Save Money on Movie Tickets

With the holiday soon approaching keeping everyone entertained often means attending a movie. Here are some ways you can save money on movie tickets. 1.Take...

Donna’s Deals: 10 Ways to Save Money at Kohl’s

As the holiday approaches, you may have started a list of gifts for friends, family members, teachers, and the list keep getting bigger. We found...
Macy's Backstage

Donna’s Deals: 5 Tips for Shopping at Macy’s Backstage

Opening at the CoolSprings Galleria just before Labor Day weekend was Macy's Backstage - a new store within a store. Macy's Backstage is a...

Donna’s Deals: Half Off Starbucks Drinks

What most moms refer to as "May madness" is now in full swing. During these last few weeks of school, where it's a daily...

Donna’s Deals: 13 Secrets to Shopping at Whole Foods

Whole Foods offers some great options for those looking for healthy food, but the joke has become that Whole Foods should be called "whole...

Donna’s Deals: 10 Things You Should Buy at Sam’s Club

If you have a membership to Sam's Club, you'll want to save this list we found at Passionate Penny Pinche - they have put together a...
cool springs galleria

Donna’s Deals: Save Money by Adding a Google Extension

If your coupons are like the evasive papers, missing in action when you really need them, we feel your pain. So when we heard...

Donna’s Deals: 5 Ways to Save Money at Kroger

    Grocery shopping is on our to-do list for some of us weekly,or if you have teenagers it might be a bi-weekly event. According to...

Donna’s Deals: Save Money by Creating Your Own Art

Original art can be very expensive to purchase for your home. If  spring has you wanting to re-do your home, you can save money...

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