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Donna’s Deals: Tax Season Software Deals

Have you been putting off filing your taxes? Here are some great deals on tax software we found at Deal News for those who prefer to...

Donna’s Deals: 5 Things to Buy After Christmas

You may have taken advantage of Black Friday sales and deals throughout the holiday season, but there are some items that you should consider...
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Donna’s Deals: 10 Creative Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

  Weddings can be very expensive. The average wedding cost in the United States is $26,444. Couples typically spend between $19,833 and $33,055 but, most...

Donna’s Deals: 7 Ways to Save Money on Prom

Things change and the same can be said for prom. Prom in the ‘80s or ‘90s might have meant a corsage, a new dress...

Donna’s Deals: 5 Things You Can Make With Peeps

Peeps are as much a part of Easter as dyed eggs. We found these great projects, aggregated by howdoesshe.com, that you can make with...
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Donna’s Deals: Shop For These 7 Items at the Dollar Store

If you have never shopped the Dollar Store, you are missing out on some great deals. Before you start your next DIY project, check...
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Donna’s Deals: Make a Million Bucks by Playing with Toys

One family took playing with toys to a whole new level. And just for videoing their children playing with toys, they have now made...

Donna’s Deals: 12 Tips to Save Money at Starbucks

Ordering at Starbucks can be intimidating and often expensive.  We found these great tips over at Krazy Coupon Lady on how to save money...
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Donna’s Deals: 7 Ways to Get Free Shipping from Amazon

What entices you more to order from one company than another---free shipping!  Often when ordering online, shipping costs can be a non-negotiable..  Recently, Amazon...
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Donna’s Deals: 7 Tips on How to Save on Apple Products

If you looking to buy a phone, iPad or Mac laptop,we're talking about a hefty investment whether for you or a family member. And...

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