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nancy nichols

Know-It-All Nancy: Why He Always Texts Instead Of Calls

Texting is a quick and easy way to make plans for dinner and stay in touch during the day. But if a man constantly...

Know-It-All Nancy: Why He Stays In Touch After A Breakup

Does your ex want you back? Or is he messing with your head? It feels like he is testing the waters to see how angry you...
nancy nichols

Know-It-All Nancy: Stop Falling For The Wrong Man

Reserving emotional and sexual involvement in the early stages of dating can help you recognize a man's (or woman's) unacceptable, negative traits. It’s easy...

Know-It-All Nancy: Do’s & Don’ts To Get A Second Date

You are smitten with your new guy on your first date. He’s handsome, engaging, well-dressed and successful. You WANT to get a second date...
nancy nichols

Know-It-All Nancy: 7 Undeniable Traits That Gain A Man’s Interest

Scientists claim it takes 8.2 seconds for a man to decide if he's interested in a woman. There is are 7 distinct reasons that cause...

Know-It-All Nancy: Soulmate Or Worst Relationship Of Your Life?

A soul mate does not mean he (or she) is capable of a caring, honest relationship. The chemistry may be smoking hot. He may...

Know-It-All Nancy: He Says You’re Over-Reacting. Trust Your Gut

Your partner tells you that you misunderstood what he said. Your girlfriend says she was only kidding and that you’re too sensitive. Your gut tells...

Know-It-All Nancy: Don’t Have Sex Until YOU’RE Ready

Your new guy asks you to go away for the weekend but you’re not ready to sleep with him. You’re afraid to say “no”...
nancy nichols

Know-It-All Nancy: Casual Sex Can Damage Your Self Esteem

Let’s be honest … do you have a pattern of sleeping with a man on date 1, 2 or 3 and then you regret it...

Know-It-All Nancy: Coping With Relationship Conflict

You can’t change anyone but yourself and you will make yourself miserable when you try. Relationship conflict is a time for candid self-reflection. People with a strong...

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