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Come Thou Unexpected Jesus

by David Cassidy, Christ Community Church  Joshua Bell is a world- renowned virtuoso violinist and those attending his performances would regularly spend hundreds of dollars...
Brett Favre

Brett Favre and the Father’s Love

by David Cassidy, Christ Community Church  In a very moving Pro Football Hall of Fame induction speech, the great Brett Favre acknowledged his father’s place...
confessions of a former zealot

Confessions of a Former Youthful Zealot

by David Cassidy, Christ Community Church  You know what I’m weary of on the internet? Its a target rich environment, but I’m mostly tired of...

Hope Amidst Ruins

by David Cassidy, Christ Community Church The Psalmist’s lament that ‘tears have been my bread every day’ feels very close to the experience we are...

Standing With the Fallen in Orlando

by David Cassidy, Christ Community Church  For several months I’d been looking forward to a break in the Rocky Mountains, first hiking in Colorado with...
Indianapolis 500

Memorial Day:Promise of Hope and Remembrance

by David Cassidy,Christ Community Church  When I was growing up Memorial Day was about one central event: the Indianapolis 500. I lived about an hour...

What We Want is Often Not What We Get

The weekend forecast is rainy with a chance of deluge. That’s a bummer for the people with hearts set on golf or a trip...

Read How Love Versus Coercion Changes Everything

by David Cassidy,Christ Community Church,Franklin  It’s an exciting and beautiful weekend in Franklin, with Main Street Festival welcoming an expected 100,000 people to our city....
Super Bowl

Super Bowl, Ash Wednesday, and Lent

by David Cassidy,Christ Community Church,Franklin Super Bowl 50 will be played later today, and while I don’t have a dog in the hunt, it’s always...
UT football

The Ritual of Football in the South

by David Cassidy, Pastor at Christ Community Church There’s a pageantry to sports that is woven deeply into the rhythms of fan bases and their...

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