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New WWII Movie Tells True Story of the First Conscientious Objector...

"Hacksaw Ridge" is the extraordinary true story of WWII medic Desmond Doss, played by Andrew Garfield ("The Amazing Spiderman"), who, in Okinawa during the...
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Finds & Happenings: Carmike Thoroughbred 20 Franklin

Beginning this Thursday, June 4th, until August 6th, 2015.  Carmike  Thoroughbred 20 in Franklin will feature a family-friendly movie at 10 a.m. Ticket price...

Grand Ole Opry House
Fri, Feb 21 7:00 pm
The Franklin Theatre
Fri, Feb 21 8:00 pm
Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
Sat, Feb 22 11:30 am
The Listening Room Cafe
Sat, Feb 22 6:00 pm