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5 Ways to Sneak in a Workout During the Holidays

By Ashley Irwin If you are staying with family during the holidays, or if you are hosting the celebration yourself, you may find that there...
stay active during the holidays

5 Tips to Stay Active During the Holidays

By Ashley Irwin We are all busy during the holiday season, so it is common for people to fall out of their regular exercise and...

3 Ways to Keep Your Aging Parent Active

By Ashley Irwin As our parents get older, it can be difficult for us to help them stay active and healthy for as long as...

SilverSneakers Makes a Healthy Lifestyle Accessible for Seniors

By Ashley Irwin SilverSneakers is an incredible fitness program that provides seniors access to thousands of gyms and fitness classes at no cost through over...
fitness classes

Fitness Classes: Which Ones Are Right For You?

By ASHLEY IRWIN If you are trying to pick a fitness class, it may be difficult because of the wide variety of classes that gyms...

4 Overlooked Benefits of Joining a Gym

By ASHLEY IRWIN Most people know that joining a gym can help you get fit and healthier, but gyms offer much more than just space...

Morning or Evening? Which is Best for Working Out

By ASHLEY IRWIN Should you work out in the morning or in the evening? Is one better than the other? Here are pros and cons...
working out

4 Ways to Make Working Out More Fun

By ASHLEY IRWIN One of the more common excuses for not working out is that it can be boring. While it is true that watching...

How to Become More Comfortable at the Gym

By ASHLEY IRWIN If you are just starting an exercise program or do not have much experience working out around other people, you may feel...
exercise can relieve pain

How Exercise Can Relieve Pain

By ASHLEY IRWIN Studies show that people with regular exercise routines can better manage their pain than people who do not exercise on a regular...

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