Summit Takes Precautions After Social Media Threat

summit high school

Thursday morning, Summit High School Principal Sarah Lamb notified parents of a snap chat post circulating regarding an alleged threat.

In the e-mail Lamb writes she contacted the Spring Hill police department and they are investigating where it originated.

“Based on information from law enforcement, we believe that it is a hoax that has gone viral across the country,” reads the e-mail.

Numerous media outlets across the country are reporting on this viral snap chat post, which warns of a school shooting Thursday at “SHS.” Schools across the country with the initials SHS were on high alert, including schools in Alabama, Oregon and Ohio.

As a precaution, the sheriff’s department will have some extra officers at Summit today.

“We appreciate the students who came forward to share this information with our staff. As we continue to partner in maintaining a safe learning environment at Summit, please help me reinforce that making a threat will lead to significant consequences. And, if your child sees or hears something of concern, please encourage him or her to say something to a trusted adult,” Lamb added.