Summertime at JJ’s Wine Bar Is All About the White Wines

By JJ's Wine Bar

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We may have another month to go until summer officially starts, but with temperatures already in the high-80s, our outdoor patio vibes are strong! JJ’s Wine Bar is open with new and improved disinfectant and hygiene standards to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.

This summer, we’re especially excited about sharing some delicious white wines with our customers!

JJ’s Favorite White Wines for Summer
A guide from Wine Folly provides some helpful information for thinking about how white wines can be categorized:

  • Light and Zesty
  • Herbaceous
  • Bold & Dry
  • Bold & Sweet
  • Light & Sweet

Here are some of our favorite types in each category…

  • Light and Zesty: Chablis
  • Herbaceous: Sancerre
  • Bold & Dry: Chardonnay
  • Bold & Sweet: Madeira
  • Light & Sweet: Gewürztraminer

In the “Light and Zesty” camp (perfect for summertime!) we’ve got Chablis, which comes from the northwest corner of Burgundy, France. Chablis is actually a type of Chardonnay. But unlike most Chardonnay wines, Chablis is almost never aged in oak barrels, which results in a lighter profile.

For wine drinkers who prefer herbal aromas, don’t miss Sancerre, which goes great with pan fried goat cheese, oysters, salads, and citric dishes.

If you like a bolder and dry wine, be sure to grab a glass of Chablis’s cousin, Chardonnay. After five to ten years of being aged in oak barrels, Chardonnay is perfectly ripe for pairing with creamy flavors like brie. Chardonnays are produced in France, California, Australia, Chile, New Zealand and elsewhere.

And, now for something completely different: Madeira. A delicious fortified wine, Madeira can range from sweet to off-dry. There’s a world of flavors to explore in this section of the white wine world, from coffee and walnut to burnt caramel. (Pro tip: add it to your barbecue pork recipe!)

Finally, if you’ve never enjoyed a glass of Gewürztraminer, it’s one of life’s simplest pleasures that you owe yourself! Rose, grapefruit, and ginger are some of this wine’s beloved characteristics – perfect on a warm summer day!

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