We had an exclusive first look at Studio Tenn’s season opener of “Fiddler on the Roof” in their new location in the factory.  Studio Tenn’s opens with their fifth season with “Fiddler on the Roof” just as the production celebrates it 50th anniversary.  The details of this production are spectacular from the large wood-like beams on set to the wagon wheel chandelier.   Outfits worn by the cast designed by Matt Logan have their part of the story.  Logan stated ” All the characters’ lives center on their positions in society, dictated largely by their vocations as tradesmen, such as shoemakers, milkmen, tailors, and butchers,” Logan goes on to say  “Their daily activity shows in how their clothes are tattered and worn. That element of distress is a central part of my design for this show.

There are a couple of interesting things to note:  Studio Tenn has partnered with Saffire offering a dinner and a show package.  Also, Uber is offering free rides to the show with the promo code Studio Tenn.  Lastly,  if you have children in Williamson County you’ve received a call or two  from Carol Birdsong.  With this production,  you can hear   Matt Birdsong who has recently returned from New York to be a part of the Ensemble for “Fiddler on the Roof.”  For tickets or more information, visit StudioTenn.com





  1. Thanks for covering this story Donna and for giving a shout out to Matt Birdsong, Ravenwood High grad! The Birdsong family is so excited to see Fiddler! I know Studio Tenn will produce a fabulous show-they always do!

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