Studio Novo Has an Answer for Back Pain

Studio Novo

Do you have back pain? According to the American Chiropractic Association, four out of 5 people experience lower back pain at some point in their lives, so if you do, you’re certainly not alone.

With lower back pain being a common issue, many of us just try to push through the pain, take some pain relievers, etc., but that is not the best solution.

Exercising and strengthening the core has proven to improve back pain. If you’re experiencing low-back pain and interested in strengthening your core to feel better, Studio Novo may be your answer. Studio Novo offers  low-impact, deep muscle, Megaformer workout will do the trick.

Studio Novo helps men and women of all levels to increase core strength in a quick, effective and safe way. Much of the 50 minute class is focused on the core, but you will also get leg work and upper body work during the class as well.

Remember your first class is FREE, all you have to do is register online to attend your first class. Arrive a few minutes early to make yourself familiar with the Megaformer. And then enjoy the workout that has everyone talking about the incredible strength and transformation that takes place in a short amount of time.

Studio Novo is located at 9040 Carothers Parkway, Franklin. For more information, visit Novo Nashville or contact them at [email protected]